Zoning analysis and Code Research

We perform basic feasibility studies as well as detailed zoning analyses to illustrate permitted and/ or required regulations, including use, yard, FAR and bulk regulations, and open space, building height, envelope, and egress requirements for a particular project and its respective zoning lot. All research is based on the New York City Zoning resolution, applicable codes and public information and our findings are presented in tabular form as well as 2D and 3D diagrams.

Documentation of existing Buildings

The documentation of existing buildings includes the identification of the current shell and structure as well as the documentation of interior layouts. Depending on the project scope and requirements, we document window/ door sizes and locations to identify existing light and air as well as current egress paths. We locate utilities, plumbing, mechanical runs, current accessibility standards, and if applicable, the surrounding site context. The final deliverable is a package of 2D and 3D drawings including current use and area calculations that can be used as the basis of design.